Hello and welcome,
My name is Joy and this is my blog.

I began blogging about sustainable fashion about two years ago under the name Outfit Zest but found myself getting burned out on the subject of clothes. By changing the name to Joyful Zest, I feel free to blog other things too. You can expect posts on photo challenges, artistic inspiration, and green living. I fill this blog with things that inspire me and projects I'm working on. I like it here and I hope you will too.

I have also built these two websites:

When I'm not blogging or website building, I work as an elementary and preschool teacher in a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia. It is a great place to live and work because I am surrounded by gorgeous nature preserves with the city right out my back door.

Here are a few things I like:
Spending time outside
Children's books
Swing dancing
Local history
People who make things

In 2013, I got married to this great guy named Ben. He is my best friend and adventure companion. We annoy each other, respect each other, and have fun together. You know, typical marriage stuff.

Between the two of us, Ben and I have traveled to sixteen different countries, share twenty-nine nieces and nephews, and live in an apartment with three other people and two cats. 
Together we stay ready for the unexpected. 
But...most of the time life is normal.
And oftentimes that is when the best moments happen. 

Love, Joy.

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