Monday, August 14, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood

I've wanted to do a Little Red Riding Hood themed photo shoot for well over a year now. In my original vision, I thought of doing a modern take on the story by wearing a red hoodie and chucks but then I discovered the little red dress-up cape in the preschool where I work and decided to borrow it to recreate Trina Schart Hyman's illustration style. And I really think that my friend Brandy is the best little red model I could ask for. She has such a sweet and brave demeanor that makes her seem like a real-life storybook character.

There's something so alluring about these fairy tales don't you think?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Daily Vibes: Awake in the Garden.

I work as a part-time gardener during the summer and I wanted to share some of the beauties I spend my mornings with. Up until now I have been watering gardens on nearby properties but recently I've been asked to take care of weeding and primping as well. And let me tell you, the whole process wakes me up inside. Similar to photography, gardening taps into a creative flow that I can't get enough of. It's so satisfying to make something look the way you want it to don't you think?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I'm inclined to believe in fairies.

I'm inclined to believe in fairies.
Whether or not we can see it, I believe that there is magic in the world. Today the forest was buzzing with life. Spiderwebs clung to the underbrush, birds flitted through the branches, and the air hung heavy around my face. Sometimes summer air feels so thick you could cut it with a knife. I used to hate it. When I was a child summer air felt suffocating. But today I relish the humidity. I love how summer air extracts the mossy scent of earth and blows it through the trees. I catch whiffs of it in the garden. It smells like ice cream, river swims, and summer romance. And when the moisture gets too much to bear, the whole sky swells and bursts with a downpour and evening thunderstorm. It's enough to break the heat, however briefly, and we can all breathe easy for a time. This changing of seasons brings life to the raspberries, the fireflies, and the cicada song. I find it undeniably magical. Out of all the places there are to live in the world, I often marvel at the chance that I happened to be born exactly where I want to be.

The outfit I'm wearing has a bit of a theme. My skirt is covered in good luck motifs and my shirt depicts a sleeping woman entranced by fairies. They seemed to fit together nicely as I was getting dressed so I went with it. I guess it's just a day for luck and magic. So yes, I'm inclined to believe in fairies. There's too much magic in the world to dismiss them, don't you think?

Outfit Details
Skirt: Book of Deer
Shirt: Found it a few years ago at an independent shop that I forget the name of (Sorry!).

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

5 July Goals

  1. Go rafting down the Delaware river with friends.
  2. Publish my photography website.
  3. Eat local produce every week.
  4. Complete one of my children's book ideas with watercolor illustrations.
  5. Set a summer rhythm. June was far too busy and I'm ready to slow down.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

What I've been up to: Website Building.

Hello friends!
Thanks for stopping by!

I've been slow to post in here because most of my free time has been spent building other websites.

The first website I've been working on is my own photography portfolio website. The site is built but I'm waiting for my domain name to transfer. It should go live within the next week but I'm back-burnering that project while filling out my actual portfolio with more material. I'll be shooting two weddings next week and I want to add those photos to my Bridal section.

The second website I put together and feel super proud of is for Amberland Farms, a local C.S.A. (community supported agriculture), who I admired and wanted to help grow. I took promotional photos for them and put together this beautiful website:

You may not know this (or maybe you do if you follow my insta) but I love gardening and working with plants. To combine photography and farming is a dream for me so I'm having a blast creating the Amberland Farm social media/web presence.

Amberland Instagram
Amberland Facebook

So check it out!
I'm super pumped about what I've been up to!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sparkler Engagement Photography

Full confession, this is not an engagement shoot. It's an anniversary shoot. David and Rachel have been married for two years (Go them)! I've been wanting to do a photoshoot in a field at sunset with someone wearing this dress for years and finally got around to organizing it. And how lucky were we with this light? It was a perfect golden hour.
The photo above was taken by holding a sparkler in front of the camera (something else I've wanted to experiment with). After sorting through a lot of rubbish photos where the couple is obscured by sparks, this one looks pretty good don't you think?
Thanks David and Rachel for modeling. You guys are the nicest and I feel lucky to have you as friends. Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trend Watch: Embroidered Sneakers

I'm not really one for following trends. They change so fast that it hardly seems worth it. But everyone once and a while something catches that I genuinely like and want to try out. 2016 brought us embroidered jeans and now 2017 is making way for embroidered sneakers. While I don't have seven hundred dollars to drop on a pair of Gucci's, I do have some embroidery thread and a pair of old canvas flats I can try to dress up. Not sure if I'll actually get around to it but it's still nice to appreciate the creativity brought forth by designers and street stylists.
Do you have any favorite current trends?